Beth Wadell


Beth studied English at UC Berkeley and has taught ESL in Puebla (Mexico), Berkeley, and at the American Language Institute. Beth is fascinated by the intersection of language and culture in the ESL classroom, and she appreciates the insights of the faculty and her classmates in the MA TESOL program. In her free time, she enjoys debating arcane grammar points.

Audrey Wallace


After teaching English in Brooklyn, Audrey returned home and entered the M.A. TESOL program at SFSU.  She is grateful for this opportunity to learn from wonderful teachers in her role as student, T.A. and colleague. She currently works at the ALI. After graduation she looks forward to spending weekends playing with her children, cooking elaborate meals and organizing her closets.

Christina Lorimer


Christina Lorimer loves to learn, teach, and translate languages, using them to share in conversation and make people smile. Inspired by the spirit and rich backgrounds of adult immigrant learners, she plans to continue working with Bay Area non-profits who support this population after graduation.

Tiffany Pippin


Tiffany  began her studies in the M.A. TESOL program to enhance her interests in sociology and language.  Her experience as a leader in Project SHINE has deepened her appreciation for partnerships between academics and the community, and the merits of experiential learning. She will continue teaching at the American Language Institute, and use her deepened knowledge of education to promote community-based learning projects.

Constance McCoy


Connie’s background includes teaching kindergarten, K-12 art and adult immigrant ESL classes in rural California, as well as teaching abroad to Thai high-schoolers and Argentine professionals. This led her to join the M.A. TESOL program. She has participated with an indigenous community in establishing a shared water system and repairing cyclone-damaged homes in the Fiji Islands where she hopes to return upon graduation.

Raymond Purdy


Since studying abroad, Raymond has sought out opportunities to interact with the international community by sharing his love of language. After beginning his ESL teaching career, Raymond decided to take his teaching methodology and knowledge to the next level by pursuing a master’s degree in TESOL. His mission as a teacher is to constantly challenge himself to improve so he can better serve his students’ needs.

Tim Murphy


Tim began teaching ESL in 2003 after working for many years in broadcast and print journalism. He and his wife Barbara taught English in China in 2006, and upon his return, Tim decided to pursue a M.A. TESOL degree at SFSU. Tim now teaches at the American Language Institute at SFSU and hopes to teach at community college after graduation.

Tov Fisher-Kirshner


Tov grew up in the culturally rich San Francisco Bay Area and discovered his love of teaching while tutoring chess at the age of twelve. After visiting ten countries during a study abroad program, he decided to mesh his love of teaching, culture, and travel by teaching in Japan. Tov hopes to teach abroad again after graduation.

Will DeVault


Will was raised in a multi-cultural household by an English teacher and a UCSC professor. After receiving his BA in English Literature from UCSC, Will found the M.A. TESOL program to be the perfect means for channeling his love of reading, writing, and teaching.  He has been a tutor and TA at UCSC and SFSU, taught at the English Center in Oakland, and is currently teaching at SFSU in the Composition and CMS Programs.

Joshua Reed


Joshua Reed came to TESOL after extensive experience in the corporate world. He realized that his love for training and developing his employees could be combined with his love for travel and language through a career in TESOL. He earned a B.A. in Language Studies in 2009 and joined the M.A. TESOL department immediately after. Joshua currently teaches at the ALI and intends to teach in Turkey when he leaves SFSU in 2012.

Erica Cheung


While working as an elementary school teacher in Hong Kong, Erica Cheung realized that she needed something different from what she had been doing. She decided to study abroad and live in San Francisco, a diverse and multi-cultural city in the U.S. She feels that joining the M.A. TESOL program at SFSU has been memorable and rewarding.

Ohkyun Kwon


Ohkyun worked for a publishing company for Korean English learners and taught TOEIC and TOEFL in Korea before he joined the M.A. TESOL program. He is more interested in developing English textbooks than teaching, so he will be an EFL book developer for Koreans when he goes back to his home country.

Hye In (Kelly) Kim


Kelly learned English at TIST International School when she was twelve. She fell in love with language learning instantly. She went back to Korea with the dream of teaching not only English but also the delight of learning a new language. Her desire to teach led her to enter the M.A. TESOL program at SFSU. She’s looking forward to going back to Korea and spreading the joy of English learning.

Sayaka Amano


Sayaka became interested in M.A. TESOL when she was studying Linguistics at UNR, but she decided to go back to Japan forever. However, while teaching English, she realized she couldn’t throw away her dream of studying TESOL, so she made a big decision to come back to the States! Now, she hopes to conduct CLT in English future classrooms in Japan.

Fanny Law


Fanny Law grew up in Hong Kong. After finishing her B.A. in TESOL and staying home to raise her two children for 10 years, she decided to continue her adventure in TESOL at SFSU. She currently teaches at the American Language Institute. Her research interests are pragmatics and feedback on student writing. She is also an avid baker on weekends.

Kate Frei


Kate loves language for the power and promise it holds, and she looks forward to working with adult learners of English to help them expand their opportunities. She is thankful for the dedicated M.A. TESOL faculty at SFSU, her talented, hardworking peers in the program, and her inspiring mentor teacher.

Rainie Zhang


Born and raised in China, Rainie earned her B.A. in English in Beijing. She then spent a year in Barcelona where she realized how much she enjoyed teaching after she taught Chinese for 3 months. Her experience of learning English have given her an empathy for learners and an ability to foresee their stumbling blocks. She is also an enthusiastic backpacker.

Chris Ott


Chris first started teaching English in Japan with the JET Programme. He developed a love for teaching through that experience and came back to the U.S. to get his M.A. in TESOL in order to become a more effective teacher. Chris hopes to return to Japan and resume his teaching there.

Cherry (Tsz Ki) Ngai


Cherry Ngai decided to broaden her knowledge of TESOL after years of teaching English in Hong Kong. San Francisco’s diversity enriched her perspectives as a teacher, a learner and a person. Her passion for service-learning has led her to coordinate project SHINE for 2 years. She is now teaching at the American Language Institute, and hopes to bring her newly-informed teaching back to Hong Kong one day.

Heidi Fridriksson


Heidi Fridriksson joined the MATESOL program with a vision of language as communication and access, and herself as someone who might help people attain them. She currently teaches at the ALI, and hopes to teach at a Bay Area community college. Before settling into anything permanent (if such jobs exist in higher education anymore), she also intends to teach abroad, and hasn’t ruled out more school yet either.

Fawnee Evnochides


Fawnee Evnochides was working as a public radio reporter when she decided to take a volunteer position teaching ESL to day laborers in San Francisco’s Mission district, an experience which inspired to pursue her M.A. in TESOL.  She loves teaching at the American Language Institute and hopes to teach at the community college level after graduation.

SoHee Kim


After completing her M.A., she managed national research projects in Korea. Becoming interested in American English and culture, she decided to enter the M.A. TESOL program. With the help of generous people, she finished her degree and also came to enjoy teaching. Her interests are media literacy and language assessment. In her spare time, she likes to play the piano and travel.

Patricia Sanchez

As a preschool dance teacher in high school, Patricia continued to find her love for teaching in college, where she taught and tutored students from all walks of life. After working with a majority of ESL students, Patricia entered the M.A. TESOL program so that she could better reach the needs of the ESL students she continues to work with today.

J (Ji Eun) Lee


J’s love of learning languages started when she first learned English at age nine. During her childhood in the United States, she not only learned English but also fell in love with the culture it is from. English has been a big part of her life since then. Knowing how fun English learning could be, she now hopes to share her experience and knowledge with others back home.

Miran Hyun


After some experience teaching English in Korea, Miran wanted to learn how to teach English more effectively, so she decided to pursue her M.A. in TESOL at SFSU. After two years in San Francisco, she is happy to have earned her degree, and she plans to teach young adults in Korea. Miran is also interested in traveling, reading, and running.

Alice (Yu-sih) Chen


After receiving a B.A. in English in Taiwan, Alice came to study in the M.A. TESOL program. She is grateful for this chance to study abroad, as it offers her an opportunity to see how differently people are educated and how English, a language she has been learning, is used in real life. She aspires to incorporate what she has learned into her teaching back in Taiwan.

Jaeyeon Han


After receiving her BA in Child Studies in Korea, Jaeyeon wondered what her next step would be. It wasn’t long before her interests in teaching and English brought her to SFSU’s TESOL program. She realized that a career in TESOL would combine her enthusiasm for teaching young learners with English. Jaeyeon looks forward to returning to Korea and teaching English to children.

Sherri Martin


Sherri Martin’s teaching career began with an adventurous spirit and a desire to learn more about the world. Her experiences teaching in Thailand encouraged her to come to SFSU to pursue her Master’s degree in TESOL.  She blends experience in theater and scholarship in women’s studies with her love of teaching English as a Second Language. Currently teaching at the ALI, she looks forward to changing the world one class at a time.

Erin McGrath


Erin first became interested in TESOL while working as teaching assistant in an English class in Spain. Realizing she could combine her love of travel with her love of teaching, she decided to enter the M.A. TESOL program at SFSU. With her degree, Erin plans to travel anywhere and everywhere she can get a job.

Melissa Jaquish


Melissa Jaquish

’ s enthusiasm for teaching English began in France, where, in between frequent breaks for wine and cheese, she taught the rather skeptical French the finer points of English. Upon her return to San Francisco, she enrolled at SFSU, where, in between frequent breaks for wine and cheese, she learned the whys and hows of teaching ESL.

Rafiq Kamal

Rafiq Kamal began teaching as a volunteer at a public library. He quickly fell in love with the profession due to the dynamic nature of communicative language instruction and the enthusiasm of the students. He decided to further his knowledge in the field with an M.A. in TESOL from SFSU.  He plans on teaching in the Middle East, and one day in the US, as well.

Teresa Newson


An escapee from corporate cubicles, Teresa would like to succeed in revealing to current and future students the grand adventure that English can be. She is passionately fond of books. Her favorite authors include Dr. Suess, Umberto Eco, and Katherine Mansfield. She hopes to someday travel to every continent, except Antartica because it is cold.

Kenichi Seo


When Kenichi was studying Business Administration in Seattle, he noticed gaps in the quality of English education between Japan and other Asian countries. Since then, TESOL has been a place where he explores ways to improve English education system in his country. Currently he assists at a primary school in downtown, and plans to utilize the experience to teach Japanese young learners after graduation.

Xuan-Vu Nguyen

Xuan-Vu experienced the power of language to change worlds when her family suddenly immigrated to the US and discovered they could not understand anyone. Since then, words have inspired and shaped her career as an English teacher. Upon graduation, she looks forward to combining her previous background in education with TESOL to inspire change within and beyond the classroom.

Sarah Murrmann



teaching bilingual elementary school in Austin, Sarah returned to San Francisco and taught EL Civics for Community-Based English Tutoring (CBET) programs.  She entered the M.A. TESOL program at SFSU and currently teaches EFL and academic reading/composition at a private language school.  After graduation she looks forward to teaching community college, hiking, and brushing up on her French.

Edie Williams


Edie Williams is starting her third career, having been a textbook designer, then managed intellectual property rights. Her love of languages came early – at six, living in Germany, she learned on family vacations to say  “This dog does not bite!” in oh, so many languages. She also lived in France and Mexico, and hopes to teach EFL in Chile.

Jack Yan

Jack Yan is interested in teaching English. He hopes to find a way to teach health literacy in the classroom.


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  1. phyllis johnson said

    Someone’s done a marvellous job with the MATESOL Grad Conference website. Congratuations on a job well done and to all the graduates. Phyllis Johnson Spr ’07

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