Remembering Gail Weinstein

Rise and Shine: A Tribute to Dr. Weinstein


Rise and SHINE: Reflections on the power of Dr. Gail Weinstein

Dr Weinstein was a comet. The appearance of her in our life changed our way of seeing the world, our way of defining teaching and learning, and even our way of living our lives. Her life was taken much too quickly, but we are still warmed by the strength and love that she always carried with her.  We hold her with us through everything we do.  There’s one thing we can be sure of.  Dr. Weinstein does not want us to mourn for her anymore.  Instead, we hear her saying, “There’s so much to do!” “Make a timeline!” “We can do this!”

As teachers, Dr. Weinsten taught us to use the positive impact of our teaching to promote humanism and love in our classrooms.  She showed us the power of selfless teaching, giving us the strength to change others. Bring the kind of passion to teaching that we want students to bring to learning. She asked us to bring warmth with us wherever we go, and to use language teaching as a means for creating and sustaining social change.  She demanded that we give ourselves as whole people, not just as language teachers.  Through her, we learned to invest ourselves in our learning and our teaching.  Her efforts to connect teachers and learners all over the world redefined the meaning of teaching, and taught us that our responsibilities and abilities are so much more valuable than we had previously thought.  She showed us the power for teachers and learners to share their stories with one another, heal each other, and become one. She showed us that language can be the means to open the hearts of human beings, changing not only the life of the learners, but also teachers.

As humans, she inspired us to be better people.  Love others and love ourselves.  Discover our talents, and use them to bring out the best in ourselves and other people.  Empower ourselves and others to make the world a better place to live in. These are all messages that Dr. Weinstein lived, and we heard them through her actions. As teachers in this time of turmoil without our fearless leader, we are committed to sustaining her legacy and priceless wisdom, and showing the world what she taught us.

Cherry Ngai and Tiffany Pippin
SFSU MATESOL 2011 graduates


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